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Tips for a Successful Season

Licensed 3D Art

Tips for a Successful Season!


  • Leave Corner Protectors on. Customers will recognize it is wall art much faster.
  • Do Not Price each individual 3D Art. Use Price Signs on the Cart instead.
  • Do Not Write On Corner Protectors to Label Inventory. Use Post-It Notes to label back stock as shown below.




  • Use Peg hook tabs on 3D Art to hang multiple pictures deep on Slat wall or Grid wall. You can hang 6 Pictures on an 8” Peg Hook.

02.jpg 03.jpg

  • Inform Customers our 3D Art is Made in the USA.
  • Ask Customer to touch their favorite Logo, this allows them to appreciate the hologram effect.
  • Offer a 2 for $Deal. This will double sales in the Holiday Rush.
  • Use as much Signage as the Mall will allow. Cart Wraps are always good where allowed by the Mall.
  • Use Clear Bags. This practice turns every sell into a walking advertisement!! is a great source for these bags Item # S-6639C.  Always keep a few dark bags for the customer that wants to keep their purchase a secret.




  • Keep in mind most of Your Holiday Sales will come the last 15 days before Christmas, Make sure to manage your inventory and maintain a full cart of merchandise thru Christmas Eve.
  • Maximize your profits by ordering full cases and pallets early in the season, and then minimize your left over inventory by ordering in smaller quantities in the final days.
  • Offer employees incentives for each sell they make. This will keep them engaged and off their phones.
  • Offer discounts to employees of the other Mall Stores. This always drives traffic to your cart. They will take their purchase back to work and show co-workers.
  • Keep an IPad on the cart to access . This is a great tool to show customers SKU’s you may not have in stock. Show customers the $39.99 online price and offer to special order the team they want.
  • Lenticular printing is a technology in which lenticular lenses are used to produce printed images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles.